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The National Trust Founded 1895 metal membership badge

A good original pre 1982 'National Trust badge'; small chromium plated metal example inlaid with green enamel, bearing the earlier logo 'oak leaf' design; the reverse impressed in relief 'Does Not Entitle To Free Admission'. Very good clean condition, complete with original pin fittings, enamel perfect.
Height 18mm.

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The Queen's Hospital for Children London charity paper flag fundraising badge

A scarce original post 1907 early 20th century period 'The Queen's Hospital for Children Hackney Road double-sided flag day paper fundraising badge bearing a portrait of its patron 'Queen Alexandra', the reverve with her Crowned Cypher'. Good condition, complete with original rusty pin, colour remains bright, creases and age wear.
Size 33 x 23mm.

Founded in 1867 in Bethnal Green in the East End of London as the 'Dispensary for Women and Children' by two Quaker sisters, Ellen and Mary Philips. The following year it moved to premises in Hackney, re-named the 'North Eastern Hospital for Children' and it became the Queen's Hospital for Children in 1907.

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White Heather Fund charity fundraisers badge circa 1930s

A good original 'White Heather Club gilt badge, blue enamel title surround the centre displaying a floral array of white heather sprays; the reverse impressed with maker's curved details "Miller 118 Branston St. B'Ham" (a maker's pattern used between 1931 and 1934}. Excellent condition, complete with original pin fittings, gilt finish remains bright.
Height 23mm.
White Heather Fund Manchester was founded in 1914.

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