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ERF Sandbach lorry & truck manufacturers advertising badge

A good original circa 1940's 'ERF Sandbach lapel badge'; chromium plated example in the form of a lorry radiator grill inlaid with red enamelling; the reverse with maker's details "W.O.Lewis (Badges) Ltd B'Ham". Fair condition, retaining original buttonhole fitting, enamel with heavy stress lines to central area. Price reflects.
Height 23mm.

ERF Sandbach was foundeded in 1933 by 'Edwin Richard Foden'.

Code: 56464


British Road Services BRS lorry truck transport drivers cap badge

A good original post 1948 'British Road Services cap badge'; gilded brass example depicting a lion astride a wheel, the centre bar inscribed with companies title. Good condition, complete with two loop fittings and split pin, gilt finish now with service wear and back to the brass, minor verdigris stain to reverse.
Height 48mm.

Code: 55776


Lorry Driver of the Year 1981 LDOY truck badge

A scarce original circa 1980's 'Lorry Driver of the Year badge'; large oval silver plated example, the centre depicting a heavy goods commercial vehicle within a laurel wreath, "LDOY" above "Marshal" below, with 1981 year bar suspended below; the reverse with maker's details "Toye, Kenning & Spencer". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, enamel perfect.
Height 51mm.

Code: 55390

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Dennis Brothers Ltd Commercial Motor Vehicle Badge c1930s

An original pre-war large silver plate on copper enamelled badge, Royal Arms bearing a King's Crown on "By Appointment" scroll within a fine quality blue enamel horseshoe inscribed 'Dennis Bros Ltd Guildford'. Very good condition.
Height 107mm.
Width 96mm.

Dennis Bros Ltd, Guildford incorporating the Royal Warrant vehicle badge would have been fitted to a bus, fire engine or refuse lorry etc.

Code: 52903