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Merchant Service War Badge Australia for services rendered at sea

A very scarce original circa 1919 period 'Merchant Service War Badge Australia' large gilt circlet, Australian Red Ensign to voided centre, additional scroll below 'For Servies Rendered At Sea'; the reverse impressed with maker's details 'Stokes & Sons Melbourne' and official very low issue number '83'. Very good condition, complete with two loop fittings to reverse, gilt finish remains bright.
Height 35mm.

Officially known as the Mercantile Marine War Zone Badge, the badge was issued to officers and seamen of the mercantile marine who had served in a designated war zone.

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Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia membership badge

A good original post First World War period 'Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia membership badge'; large gilt brass Crowned shield inlaid with white enamel with floral decoration, blue enamel title circlet, the recessed centre with embossed Sailor and Soldier with rifles at the ready; the reverse impressed with maker's details 'Stokes & Sons Melb' 'Copyright' and official issue number '12129'. Very good condition, complete with original two loop fittings and one pin, also a piece of crumpled alloy, enamel intact.
Height 40mm.

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Australian Red Cross Society Long Service Medal & Case

A good original vintage period good quality 'Australian Red Cross Society twenty Years Service gilt and enamel medal' the reverse impressed with maker's details 'K.G.Luke Melb' and impressed with official low issue number '287'. Very good condition, complete with original suspension bar and silk ribbon with original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel, a good clean example housed in its original card box with paper slip for instructions of use.
Height 80mm.

Code: 60787


Australasian Trained Nurses Association 1912 silver badge by FLAVELLE BROS

A scarce original pre First World War period 'Australasian Trained Nurses Association badge' in the form of a cross, the arms inlaid with electric blue translucent enamel, with plain title circlet displaying the 'Australian Southern Cross Constellation Crux' on blue enamel ground within; the reverse impressed 'Stg Silver', maker's details 'Flavelle' (FLAVELLE BROS. LTD. New South Wales, Sydney) and inscribed to the recipient 'Bridget Giles Jan 19, 1912'. Excellent condition, complete with original pin fittings, enamel perfect.
Height 31mm.

Attributed to Miss Bridget Teresa Giles of Western Australia, who volunteered her services to the Australian Army Nursing Service in June 1915. She saw service in Egypt during March 1916 before a posting to 1 Australian General Hospital France and later served in London. She was discharged in England following her marriage on the 21st February 1918. Remaining in England she died in 1967 at Dartford in Kent.

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The Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne Australia silver nursing badge

A good original circa 1955 period 'The Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne silver nurses badge'; shield shaped example bearing the 'Royal Crowned arms of the City of Melbourne' inlaid with red, white and blue enamel, the reverse impressed with maker's details 'Stokes' 'STG. SIL' (Sterling Silver) and inscribed 'A.D.Hill 1955'. Very good condition, complete with original pin fittings with additional safety chain, enamel intact.
Height 29mm.

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Australian War Contingent Association London 1915 committee badge

A very scarce First World War period '1915 Australian War Contingent Association committee badge'; large gilded brass disc surmounted by rising sun, the central embossed Kangaroo and Emu within title surround and 1915, with an applied blue enamel 'Committee' scroll below. Very good condition, complete with original pin fittings, minor service wear to enamel and gilt finish.
Height 38mm.

The Australian War Contingent Association distributed gifts to Australian soldiers overseas during the First World War, they also provided other comforts such as personal clothing, excursions and hospital visits for wounded soldiers in hospital in England.

Code: 59797


WW1 Australian Branch BRCS British Red Cross Society badge

A rare original Great War period 'Australian Branch of the British Red Cross Society badge'; large circular gilded brass example bearing red enamel title surround, the centre displaying an embossed white enamel shield with red cross superimposed over crossed sprays of 'Golden Wattle' Australia's national flower. Very good condition, complete with original pin fittings (pin possibly a replacement, enamel perfect.
Diameter 35mm.

A branch of the British Red Cross was established in Australia in 1914, nine days after the start of World War I, by Lady Helen Munro Ferguson. The British Red Cross Australian Branch changed its name to the Australian Red Cross Society and was incorporated by royal charter on 28 June 1941.

Code: 59714


The Boys Brigade Australia 1954 celluloid tin button badge

A good original circa 1954 'The Boys Brigade Australia celluloid tin button badge', in red white and blue colours, depicting the 'Sure & Stedfast' anchor logo flanked by a kangaroo and emu, the rim printed with maker's details 'A.E.Patrick Pty, Ltd. Summer Hill N.S.W. Aust.' Very good condition, complete with original pin fittings, colours remain bright.
Diameter 33mm.

Code: 59634

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Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps badge by Luke Melbourne

A scarce original circa 1948 to 1953 period 'Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps silver plated badge', bearing a King's Crown and 'Pro Humanitate' scroll the central 'Nightingale Lamp' with red felt backing, the reverse impressed in relief 'Luke Melb'. Very good condition, complete with original two vertical loop fittings, minimal wear.
Height 35mm.

In 1948 The title Royal was granted to the 'Australian Army Nursing Corps' in November in recognition of the service given in two world wars. The service thus became the 'Royal Australian Army Nursing Service'.

Code: 59523


Royal Australian Air Force other ranks RAAF Amor Sydney cap badge

A good original George VI period die-stamped blackened brass other ranks 'Royal Australian Air Force cap badge'; Crowned laurel wreath bearing 'RAAF' monogram to the centre; the reverse with maker's details 'Amor Sydney' and retaining original two loop fittings. Good condition, service wear to blackened finish, tip of crown slightly bent back.
Height 46mm.

Code: 58141

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