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Ramsbottom Gas Company identification badge Refrigeration Power Light Heat

An interesting original circa 1940's period ' Ramsbottom Gas Company badge'; large gilt brass blue enamel title surround, the well designed centre depicting a lamp, in the form of tablets
with HEAT forming the handle and stylized flames in red enamel 'UK GAS' with area '4' at the base. Very good condition, complete with original buttonhole lapel fitting, no damage to the enamel, minor surface scratches not affecting the appearance.
Height 37mm.

The 'Ramsbottom Gas Company' was nationalised in 1948 and became part of the 'North Western Gas Board.

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Wellington Gas Company gasworks cap badge Telford Shropshire

A scarce original circa 1950's 'Wellington Gas Company cap badge'; large rectangular chromium plated convex example depicting an embossed red enamel representation of the gasworks on rayed background, with the quote 'The Symbol of Service' above; the reverse impressed with maker's details 'H.W.Miller Ltd Branston St. B'Ham.18' a form used between 1935 and 1968. Very good condition, complete with original two loop fittings and chromium plated split pin, enamel perfect.
Size 36 x 30mm.

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