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London County Council Ambulance Service cap badge

A scarce circa 1953 -1965 pattern 'LCC Ambulance service cap badge'; gilded brass mural crowned shield depicting the 'English Lion' on an enamelled red and white 'St George's Cross' above the blue and white enamel waves represented the River Thames and the Port of London; the reverse impressed with maker's details "L.Simpson (London) Ltd". Very good condition, retaining two loop fittings and split pin, enamel almost perfect except for surface flake right of cross, gilt finish remains bright.
Height 38mm.

London County Council (LCC) was in existence from 1889 -1965.

Code: 57269


West Riding County Ambulance Service cap badge pre-1974

A scarce original pre-1974 obsolete 'West Riding County Ambulance Service cap badge'; chromium plated 'Home Office' eight pointed star, with an applied title circlet inlaid with blue enamel, the centre bearing the 'White Rose of the House of York' from the pre-1974 disbanded 'West Riding County Coat of Arms'. Very good clean condition, retaining original two fittings and split pin to reverse, enamel perfect, an excellent example.
Diameter 44mm.

Code: 57250


Wembley Stadium Ambulance Service cap badge circa 1930s

A scarce original circa 1930's period 'Wembley Stadium Ambulance Service' gilt and enamel badge; a very large oval example bearing a red 'Demi Lion' over red 'Maltese Cross' within the title surround, the reverse with maker's details "J.R.Gaunt London". Good condition, retaining original two loop fittings and split pin, enamel loss around the edge of Ambulance.
Height 52mm.

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