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Empire Day Movement patriotic Union Flag supporters badge

A very scarce original 'Empire Day Movement supporters badge'; bronzed example in the form of a podium, displaying a patrtotic red, white and blue enamelled 'Union Flag' to the fore with titled plaque below. Excellent condition, retaining original pin fittings, enamel perfect. Contained in its original cardboard presentation box with printed blue inscription to the lid, this with minor age wear and slightly toned.
Height 16mm.

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Edward VIII commemorative 1926 Empire Day medal

A good original alluminuim medal, struck for the 'British Empire Union' for distribution to children throughout the Empire on 24 May 1926 for 'Empire Day'; the obverse with bust of the 'Prince of Wales' facing left, the reverse depicting an ancient galley, seen through the archway of a stone bridge; above a radiate sun. 'FOR GOD. KING. AND. EMPIRE'. Good condition, retaining original red, white and blue ribbon, minor surface scratches.
Diameter 38mm.

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WW1 Anti German Union 1915 Britain for the British patriotic badge

A scarce original First World War period 'Anti German Union 1915 Britain For The British patriotic badge' gilded brass oval example, title surround inlaid with white enamel, an additional inner in blue inscribed 'Good Queen Bess Expelled All Germans 1597' and the centre depicting the figure of 'Elizabeth 1'; the reverse with maker's details 'J.R.Gaunt London'. Very good condition, complete with original pin fittings, enamel perfect, minor verdigris stains to Queen's right shoulder and 11 o'clock position.
Height 32mm.

The Anti German Union was founded in 1915, it changed its name in 1916 to the 'British Empire Union' 'B.E.U.', "Sir George Makgill" was Honorary Secretary, 'Lord Edward Illiffe' its treasurer and the organisation continued into the 1930's.

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