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Freedom of the Borough Maidenhead Field Marshal Montgomery plaque

Freedom of the Borough Maidenhead Field Marshal Montgomery plaque

A rare original surviving example issue in 1945 by the Guildhall Maidenhead complete with presentation case and accompanied by personalised typed and signed letter; the large circular white composite plaque (dia approx 63mm.) displaying an embossed head and shoulders of "Montgomery 1945 Maidenhead" and the seal from the Crest of the Borough; complete with black cardboard presentation case (lid now detached but present) and the following letter dated 24 10 1945.

Dear Mr. White,
This is to greet you on behalf of your fellow burgesses on your release from active service in the armed forces of the Crown. We have not forgotten you in your absence a we hope that you will settle down happily in civil life.

Please accept this little momento of a memorable year. Maidenhead has presented the Freedom of the Borough to Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery as a tribute not only to the Field Marshal but to all the British Armed Forces, and it is felt that to whatever unit you belong, you will be glad to have this as a souvenir of the event. It will be reserved solely for returning members of the forces.

May I remind you that should you have any problems, domestic or personal, or require any advice on employment and the like, the Citizens Advice Bureau at the Town Hall, with a panel of specialists at is disposal, is ready and willing to help you with confidential advice and guidance? Don't hesitate to worry them. They want to help.
Yours very sincerely,
Lucian R.F. Oldershaw

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