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Butlins Continental Holidays promotional badge

A good original 'Butlin's Continental Holidays badge'; silver plated rectangular example depicting the globe with unicorn supporters on either side, the reverse impressed with maker's details "J.R.Gaunt London". Good condition, complete with original pin fittings, enamel intact, minor service wear.
Width 28mm.
Height 18mm.

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Butlins Grand Bahama Club Vacation Village badge circa 1950 to 1952

A rare original circa 1950 - 1952 period 'Butlin's Grand Bahama Club gilded brass badge', white enamel title circlet bearing superimposed blue and white 'Sailfish' to voided centre; the reverse with maker's details "Fattorini & Sons Ltd Barr St. B'ham. ENG." (ENGLAND). Very good condition, retaining its original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel, wear to gilded finish, otherwise perfect.
Diameter 23mm.

Billy Butlin opened the Grand Bahamas Island Vacation Village in 1950 although partly unfinished. The enterprise was not a sccess and was eventually placed into liquidation in 1953.

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WW2 Butlins 21 Club servicemen 21st Army Group leave centre badge

Probably one of the rarest and inconspicuous Butlins Holiday Camp badges known!
A good original Second World War period 'Butlins 21 Club badge' in the form of a gilded brass shield inlaid with red enamel, bearing continental 'Crown' and pin fittings, the centre inscribed "21 Club" within three white stars. Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, enamel perfect.
Height 27mm.

Late in the war, during the Allied advance through western Europe following the Normandy landings, Butlin was approached by General Bernard Montgomery, who asked him to help set up leave centres for the 21st Army Group. Starting in Brussels, the "21 Club" concept quickly spread through western Europe, providing entertainment and relaxation for servicemen and women. In 1944, Butlin was awarded the MBE for his wartime service to the Ministry of Supply.

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Butlins Holiday Camp promotional postcard

A scarce interesting early post-war period 'Butlins Holiday Picture' original black and white postcard, depicting a happy married couple sitting on a pair of adapted cycles bearing the slogan "Butlins Holiday Camp" she appears to be wearing utility style clothing and sandals. Good condition.

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Butlins Motor Car Club pin badge and 1959 membership certificate

A scarce original 'Butlins Car Club lapel badge'; silver plated badge depicting a deco style image of woman riding a dolphin on blue enamel ground title below on red, the reverse impressed with maker's details "J.R.Gaunt London". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, no stress marks or damage to the enamel, an excellent example.
Height 28mm.
Accompanying this badge is an official certificate "No 8481" stating "This is to certify that Mr. A.J.Barnes of 76, Darnley Rd, Grays End, Kent is a Registered Member of Butlin's Motor Club and as such is entitled to display the Club Badge on his car. Date Elected 13/3/1959 N.R.Maclaren Secretary."

The Club Badge being a large Automobile Motor Car Grill badge mounted on a bracket and not the lapel badge that this came with.

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Hurrah It's Butlin's jovial figural character promotional badge

An exceptionally good original example of a circa 1940's period 'Butlins badge'; gilded brass example in the form of a cut out jovial character figure inlaid with blue enamel, waving a straw hat and resting on a white enamel plaque bearing the early slogan "Hurrah It's Butlin's". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, no stress marks or damage to the enamel, gilt remains bright, an excellent example.
Height 35mm.

It seems that nothing tangible is known about this mystery badge, but that the 'Hurrah It's Butlin's' slogan was first seen used on the Butlins 'Amusement Park' entrance which opened on the central foreshore at Skegness in 1930 prior to the Butlin's Holiday Camp that arrived in 1936. The later slogan "Holidays Are Jolidays" is seen impressed on the reverse of the badge 'Skegness Butlin's Camp 1939'.

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Butlin's Nursing Service red cross badge

A very rare original circa 1960's 'Butlin's Nursing Service badge'; silver plated circular example bearing the entwined letters "BNS" on blue enamel ground, superimposed with red enamel cross; the reverse with maker's details "W.Reeves & Co Ltd, Birmingham". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, no stress marks or damage to the enamel, minor service wear to silver plated finish.
Diameter 25mm.

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Butlins Holidays holiday camp beach parasol badge

A good original chrome and enamel badge, yellow and red parasol, dark blue sky the reverse with maker's details "27259 Fattorini & Sons 36 Barr St B'Ham". Very good condition, original pin fittings, no damage to the enamel.
Height 23mm.

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