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WW2 Civil Air Guard official pilots wing lapel badge

A scarce original circa 1939 'Civil Air Guard pilots wing l pin lapel badge', chromium plated example, with electric blue enamel 'CAG' initials to the centre, the reverse impressed with maker's details 'W.O.Lewis (Badges) Ltd Birmingham'. Very good mint condition, complete with original pin fittings, enamel perfect.
Width 41mm.

From January 1939 Civil Air Guard members were issued with a uniform of blue boiler suit and field service cap, this example being identical to the 'CAG' pilots wing worn on the boiler suit only much smaller in size and is believed to have been worn only by pilots in civilian clothes.

See: 'Doing Their Bit' by Jon Mills.

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WW2 Civil Air Guard air transport field service cap badge

A scarce original Second World War period 'Civil Air Guard cap badge'; chromium plated Crowned laurel sprays 'CAG' initials to voided centre inlaid with electric blue enamelling. Very good condition, complete with original two loop fittings, enamel perfect, minimal service wear.
Height 43mm.

On 23 July 1938, Sir Kingsley Wood, Secretary of State for Air, announced the creation of the Civil Air Guard scheme. Its intention was to provide pilots who could assist the Royal Air Force in a time of emergency. With the cessation of civil flying as the war approached a number of members of the 'CAG' enlisted in either the Royal Air Force or the Fleet Air Arm; some of the women members went on to join the Air Transport Auxiliary.

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WW2 Civil Air Guard official issue lapel badge

A scarce wartime 'Civil Air Guard chromium plated badge' with raised 'CAG' blue enamel letters, the reverse with maker's details "W.O.Lewis (Badges) Ltd Birmingham". Very good condition, retaining original buttonhole fitting, no damage to the enamel, minor wear to plating.
Diameter 19mm.

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