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Gladstone Prime Minister Liberal Party Irish Home Rule Movement Badge

A scarce original late Victorian circular gilt badge made in two parts and designed to resemble a coin, bearing a side profile of 'William Gladstone' and titled 'HOME RULE', the reverse with early style round buttonhole fitting stamped 'Registered' and the back attachment deeply impressed 'Weekly L & R One Penny' (Newspaper). Very good condition, minor wear to gilt on high points.
Diameter 24mm.

In 1885 Gladstone was converted to 'Home Rule For Ireland'.

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Maid of Erin Harp Irish Nationalists patriotic green flag badge

A scarce original circa 1920's 'Irish Nationalists patriotic badge'; gilded brass flag, flown on mast, bearing a 'Maid of Erin Harp' on green enamel ground, the reverse impressed with early maker's details "Thos.Fattorini Bolton". Very good condition, retaining original pin fittings, enamel perfect, gilt finish remains bright.
Height 30mm.

Code: 55455